2016 Art Walk Artists

2016 Art Walk Artists

Photo Courtesy of YOU Magazine, 2013

Meet all the artists participating in the 2016 Downtown De Pere Summer Art Walk Series here:


3RDi Graphics

Andrew Hetzel of Green Bay, loves a good pun or clever t-shirt design.  His ideas and inspirations come from everywhere and any subject is fair game.  He likes to try and do humorous themes or juxtapose two or more things that normally would not be seen together.  You can find more of his digital illustrations on his website, but come to see him at all three Downtown Art Walks:


Amanda Lynn Photography

Amanda Mura of Algoma, feels that photography is her passion, her happiness, and her form of expression that connects all of us to our memories and everyday surroundings.  She believes it is a privilege as an artist, to capture those untouchable and genuine moments we long to hold close to our hearts.  You can find Amanda at this Downtown Art Walk:

Amy Eliason

Amy Eliason returns for another year at the Downtown De Pere Art Walk this summer. From Green Bay, Amy’s work ranges from acrylic to oil paint on canvas. She has been featured in a large number of statewide shows and festivals and has won a number of awards. She credits her inspiration to Wisconsin’s four seasons and her desire to capture nature’s drama on canvas. You can see Amy’s work on her website and in person at two of the Downtown Art Walks this summer on:

A Roo Cha Cha 3-1

A Roo Cha Cha Designs

Gena Pankratz is back for another summer at our Downtown Art Walks.  She loves fabric – the colors and textures. Gena likes to start with a piece of fabric and turn it into something useful. She enjoys making handbags, embroidered items and personalized pillows.  You can find her here:

Bagley Art

Cliffton Bagley, of Green Bay, WI, merges mixed media and photography – often printing his photos on canvas, glass and other media. His main information comes from 35mm film and projecting the objects and illusions he finds in nature and urban environments. You can see his work at all three of the Downtown De Pere Art Walks:

Benatural Studio

David Limberger is back for a second year at the 2016 Downtown Art Walks! From De Pere, David’s photography focuses on unposed natural beauty of animals, landscape, and people. You can see him at all three of the Downtown Art Walks:

Bloom Photography

Kara Counard will be at the 2016 Downtown Art Walks for her first time.  Her passion for photography exists in documentary work and real life beauty rather than something staged.  You can see Kara’s work on her website and see her in person at:

Campbell Designs

Rosemary Campbell, of Green Bay, has pursued quilting as her form of artistic expression in retirement. She has sewn her entire life, creating clothing, accessories, doll clothes and home decor. She will be at all three of the Downtown Art Walks on:

Catazoa Illustration

Hannah Hurrle, of Green Bay, makes illustrations and handmade goods.  She is inspired by gardening, mythological creatures, and living in the Wisconsin countryside.  You can see more of her artwork on her website, but she will also be at all three of the Downtown Art Walks:


Come Blossom

Connie Gleason of Green Bay, uses paper, glitter, and fabric to make her designs. She enjoys using well-loved vintage finds and hand made items.  You can find her at one Downtown Art Walk this summer:

Creative Juices Designs LLC

Allisa Henrickson of Kimberly, enjoys creating personal and inspirational wearable designs.  Her hand stamped metal design jewelry and accessories are as unique and interesting as the person wearing them.  Allisa believes your accessories can tell a story – your story!  You can find Allisa’s designs on her website and at two of our Downtown Art Walks:

Cressy Designs – Now & Wear-ever

Cressy Birder of Green Bay, makes Fiber Art.  She does both felting and nunofelting – a technique that bonds loose fibre, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt.  Cressy, a new artist to our Downtown Art Walks, is participating in two of our dates, you can see her on:

  • June 10th at Broadway Theatre, 123 S Broadway
  • July 8th at Broadway Theatre

Collateral Damage, Thu Apr 21, 2016, 5:51:25 PM, 8C, 5900x7310, (0+239), 100%, darkened midto, 1/15 s, R67.2, G62.3, B100.7


Gregory Frederic, Green Bay, uses color, lines, and shapes to make each piece of artwork.  Visit him at this Downtown Art Walk:

David Siegel

David Siegel, Green Bay Firefighter and author of Forces of Change, will autograph his book during one of our Downtown Art Walks on:

Donald Schneider Photography

Don Schneider is returning to the Downtown De Pere Art Walk series for a fourth season in 2016! His photography is inspired by his love of nature and respect for his fellow man. He challenges himself to create the most unique images possible, regardless of light conditions and time of day. Don is participating in each of the three Downtown Art Walk dates, you can see him on:


Dorothy A. Erickson

Dorothy Erickson of East De Pere, has always enjoyed art since she was a child.  She is inspired by the smell of the oil paint, the colors, and how the light and shadows hit the subject.  Her love of travel gives her many of her ideas.  You can find Dorothy at two of our Downtown Art Walks on:

Douglas Hjorth

Douglas from De Pere, enjoys taking photos that present the moment in time that never happens again.  This is his first time participating in the Downtown Art Walks.  Douglas will be at one location this summer:


Ellie Grisham

Ellie from De Pere, makes watercolor cards. She loves creating small paintings for cards and uses it as relaxation for herself.  Her family and friends also enjoy her creativity and the effort she puts into her cards. These cards will also make great gifts for your family and friends!  Come and see her at:

Eric Jorgenson



 Ginny Waters

Ginny Waters of Green Bay, found something creative to do in retirement.  She is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and scenes in Door County and tries to capture their beauty on paper.  Her cards and prints are available in many shops in Door County and Green Bay.

Good Energy Art by Heather Peterman

Heather Peterman is returning for another year at the Downtown Art Walks.  She likes to doodle, and out of that comes a wonderful design.  Heather offers a variety of products including paintings and coloring pages.  You will find Heather at all three of the Downtown Art Walks:

Jane Constable Hostetler

Jane Hostetler of De Pere, is influenced by ancient primitive works from all over the world.  She is also drawn to the strong design and communication powers of contemporary graphic design.  Her work uses the pure design content from each to engage the individual viewer with visual interaction and personal reflection.  Jane will be at two of the Downtown Art Walk dates:

 Jane Neumann 5

Jane Neumann Watercolors

Jane Neumann, from Green Bay, is grateful for the gift that has brought her so much happiness.  She looks at the large and small of the world through shapes and colors.  Jane finds it energizing to watch an idea turn into a watercolor painting.  You can find Jane at two Downtown Art Walks on:


 Jenny Perry

Jenny Perry of Green Bay, uses rustic, re-purposed materials to create her hand-drawn and painted designs or quotes.  Her pieces are created from a joint love for hand lettering and positive messages.  She will be at all three of our Downtown Art Walks on:


 Joan Worth

Joan Worth of De Pere, draws unusual creatures and from life. She is currently working in the coloring book format. Find Joan at all three Downtown Art Walk locations at:


Karissa Voskamp

Karissa Voskamp of Green Bay, takes her inspiration from people and activities around her. She tries to see the beauty of things that at first appear simple, but then brings it out in her drawings and paintings in the best possible light.  Kris is a new artist to our Downtown Art Walks and you can find her at two of them here:


Katie Bobber

Katie Bobber, from Allouez, gets her inspiration from the stories and details found in the natural world around us.  She uses that inspiration to create watercolor and acrylic paintings as well as pencil drawings.  You can find her work on her website as well at two Downtown Art Walks:


Laughing Leo

Kayla A Liner, Green Bay, uses paint, beads, twine, suede, feathers, bandanas, lace and more in her artwork. Her dreamcatchers protect you from dark thoughts, her pillows are inspired from her love of paisley, and her paintings come from her love of the process.  You can see more of her art here, but come to see her in person at all three of our Downtown Art Walks:

Linda Hammond

Linda Hammond, of De Pere, works with nature itself.  Her art includes woodburning and painting feathers.  She feels that her art comes from life itself – the joys of nature plus physical and metaphysical feelings.  Linda’s artwork can be found at all three of the Downtown Art Walks:

Madonna Siles

Madonna Siles from Sturgeon Bay, is a plein air (outdoor) painter.  She finds her inspiration from the vivid colors and dynamic energy of the Door County land and water scapes.  You can see her artwork on her website or at all three of the Downtown Art Walks:

Music by Mallory

Mallory Fuhrmann of De Pere, has been touched by music her entire life.  The excitement on the little faces of her listeners brings her immense joy as well as touches those who listen.  You can find out more about her here.  She will be bringing this joy to our Downtown De Pere Art Walks:


NFG (artist)

Nicole Jolly from Green Bay, is looking forward to another year at the Downtown Art Walks.  She is inspired by emotions, experiences, and new perspectives.  The range of mediums she works with continues to expand beyond the traditional.  She has become interested in exploring eco-friendly options that will continue to help her grow as an artist.  Take a look at how she challenged herself to a once a month art giveaway here.  You will find Nicole at all three of our Art Walks:


Oh, Dear! Decor Designs

We welcome Nikki, Becky, and Chelci to their first Downtown Art Walk.  They are three young women who came together with the simple goal of taking old furnishings and breathing new life into them.  They create beautiful, unique, and affordable home decor.  You can find Oh Dear! Decor Designs at two of the Downtown Art Walks on:

Paintin’ Pottery or Bead It

Carolyn Caffrey, owner of Paintin’ Pottery or Bead It, will be “throwing” (making) pots out of clay.  Bring your kids and come join her! She plans to have fun at all three of our Downtown Art Walks:


Paperworks by Kate

Kate Fallahee of Green Bay, works her art through Graphic Design.  She has always enjoyed drawing and she feels that character comes into it through color, clothing, and expression.  Her inspiration comes from concept art and character art in animated movies.  Find more of her designs on her website, but come to see her in person at two of our Downtown Art Walks on:


Photography by Mark Wells

Mark Wells, owner of Pack and Ship on George Street in De Pere, has added Wildlife Photography to his portfolio.  He attempts to capture scenes, animals, birds, and bugs in their natural habitat.  Mark will be joining us for the first time at all three Downtown Art Walks:


Queen Bee

Kimberly Iwen, Algoma, feels that in the busy world we all live in, we all need to take a couple of minutes to pamper ourselves.  “Nothing is too good for the Queen Bee that lives in all of us!”  Kim brings her homemade soaps to one of our Downtown Art Walks on:

Rachel Meyer

Rachel from Kewaunee, will be here for her first Downtown Art Walk series.  She loves flowers and bold colors and is inspired by other artists.  She creates unique pieces of art with acrylic paints, canvas, wood, and glassware.  You can see one of her unique pieces here.  Rachel will be at all three of our Downtown Art Walks:

Riverside Studio Painters 2016 Img_4124

Riverside Studio Painters

The Riverside Studio Painters is a group of 5 artists who paint together socially in their studio. They all started together with the same art teacher and missed painting together, so now they have their own painting group.  You can see all of their paintings at all three Downtown Art Walks on:

  • June 10th at Riverside Studio Painters (100 S. Broadway)
  • July 8th at Riverside Studio Painters
  • August 10th at Riverside Studio Painters

Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson is a retired Green Bay school teacher. She combined her love of writing poetry with her study of Wisconsin history in her nonfiction children’s book entitled, Wisconsin’s Rock Island — Images in Paintings and Verse. This book is a chronology of Rock Island State Park located off the tip of the Door County Peninsula that is home to the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin.  You will find Sandy at one of our Downtown Art Walks:


Shawn Wallenfang

Shawn Wallenfang, of New Franken, has been surrounded by artists all her life.  Her mother, Rosella Kelly, helped found Art Street.  Shawn loves to create and feels it keeps her closer to her mother.  You will find Shawn at two of our Downtown Art Walks:

Shonda Robb

Shonda Robb returns for her fourth year at the Downtown De Pere Art Walks this year. Shonda, of Green Bay, creates digital paintings, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and more. She is inspired by light, shadows and shapes found in nature, and in places where others might not notice it! You can see Shonda’s work at all three of our Downtown Art Walk nights and on Facebook. Find her at the Art Walks on:


Silver Wear by Misty, LLC

Misty Nagan of De Pere, uses vintage silverware and up-cycles it into wearable pieces of art. To see more of Misty’s art, click here or here, but also come and visit her at one of our Downtown Art Walks:

St. Mary’s of De Pere Quilters

St. Mary’s of De Pere Quilters is back again for the 2016 Downtown Art Walk series. The quilters have been meeting regularly for the past 35+ years to make quilts for their church and other charities. They also create table runners and other quilted pieces. You’ll be able to see their work at all three of the summer Art Walks on:

Tanyssa Behnke & Mess’en with Wood

Tanyssa of Stockbridge, creates natural art with driftwood.  She is inspired by Lake Winnebago with it’s reusable driftwood and found objects.  Along with her comes Michael Richter of Mess’en with Wood.  He is a designer of wood decor and furniture.  You will find these two artists at one of our summer Art Walks on:

tentacle-made studios

Returning for a fourth year to the Downtown De Pere Art Walk series, ‘trie blasingame’s (Shawano, WI) mixed media, sculpture and illustration are entirely unique and bring an unmatched level of texture and creative depth to our event. Blasingame’s work interrogates the arbitrary paradigms of so-called “high” and “low” culture through alterity while utilizing “craft” techniques and popular culture references to create hypervalent meta-texts. You can see ‘trie blasingame’s work online before the event, and in person at all three of the Downtown Art Walks on:

West De Pere Schools

Come and see budding artists over the three summer months.  Each month will feature a different set of ages – Elementary School and Middle School art.  You can view all the different styles of art on: