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The Cupcake Couture opened in Downtown De Pere in 2013.

Bring Your Business to Downtown De Pere

Downtown De Pere is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Northeast Wisconsin, and has a great deal to offer to prospective business owners and  developers. We have a population of 25,000 residents and a market area of 49,946.

Downtown De Pere’s walkable core (1/2 mile radius of our downtown district) has over 1,200 homes and rental units, and 400 of these units are located within a 1/4 mile of the downtown.  De Pere is mere minutes from US Highway 41, and Wisconsin Highway 32 runs through downtown De Pere.  Several routes of the Green Bay Metro Bus System make stops in downtown De Pere.  Approximately 773,000 sq. ft. of leasable commercial space is supported in downtown De Pere, 213,000 sq. ft. of which is committed to office space.  Several national chains have locations in downtown De Pere, but the majority of the 200+ businesses in De Pere are independently owned and operated.