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Fight the Winter Gains in De Pere By Doing Yoga

Winter in De Pere, Wisconsin can get really cold and you’re tempted to stay inside but we challenge you to get out and move. Here is a list of three local yoga studios that will make your visit worth it.

Jenstar Yoga and Dance, LLC.

At Jenstar Yoga and Dance they offer yoga, dance and barre classes to people of all ages. If you have never tried those classes, don’t worry, they offer classes to people with little to no experience. Another thing to note is when you want to sign up for a class you have to to sign up right on the website so they can accommodate the amount of space. After taking a class your mind and your body will feel a sense of accomplishment that everyone deserves. So grab your mat and water because it’s time to move.

Flow Yoga Studio

At Flow Yoga Studio they offer about nine classes to all ages levels. From the title they offer only yoga classes to their students. Something that is unique about this studio is your first class is free. They have a mediation clam class to yoga for athletes so  everyone will be happy after taking any of these classes. Everything is listed on the website as well.

Pedretti Power Yoga LLC

At Pedretti Power Yoga they offer beginning to advanced level classes to the community. The yoga instructors are really passionate and driven to the art of yoga. Head on over, you don’t want to miss it. See you on the mat!

Start your day off right with a yoga class in the morning before you head off to work or  take an evening class to help center your mind for the rest of your night. Namaste.

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