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The Ennis Pub and Restaurant

201 James St., De Pere, WI, 54115
Call us anytime (920) 347-0007

Each of their traditional dishes will bring you to the picturesque, cobblestone streets of historic Ennis, Ireland. Breathe in the savory aroma of meat mixed with the fullness of potatoes, simmering in a thick stew. Smell the sweetness of a fresh, warm pan of bread pudding. Relish in the deliciously robust flavor of corned beef, with a supple layer of thousand island dressing and sauerkraut, seated on the earthy taste of rye bread.

Take advantage of their patio-balcony which features a breathtaking view of the Fox River where you can enjoy outside dining and drinks.

201 James St., De Pere, WI, 54115

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