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Michaels Energy

421 George St., Ste. 207, De Pere, WI, 54115
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Michaels Energy is nationally recognized in energy efficiency consulting.  We provide technical, program management, evaluation, and administrative support for utility demand-side management programs.  Michaels also provides services to commercial, institutional, and industrial end-users including investment grade feasibility studies, retro-commissioning studies, and LEED® consulting.

Michaels Energy is a diversified group of engineers with offices in La Crosse, Cedar Rapids, Madison, St. Paul, and Green Bay. Michaels offers expertise in a wide range of building-related sciences to building owners/managers, utilities, government, architects, engineers and builders. Michaels Energy also provides a full range of engineering services including design and specification development, control sequence development, system diagnostics and design review, and solutions planning.

421 George St., Ste. 207, De Pere, WI, 54115

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