River Tyme Tours

River Time, our inspiration for the name of our floating boat, is a concept often used by Dave Peck, one of our fearless captains. It is a phenomenon that is almost a law of nature. You cannot control everything when you are on the water. There will be eventualities that cannot be managed, and will mean that you may not get to your destination at the exact time you planned. Part of the magic of being on the water, on a boat, is accepting this as reality, relaxing about it, and letting go.

River Tyme Vessel

Full Service with Fully Stocked Bar
4 crew – Captain, Bartender, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate
Narrator for Heavy Narration Cruises
Enclosed lower level, open air upper level
Capacity of 49 Passengers
Tables, Chairs, Carpet
Docked in De Pere